Photo Exhibition “Tell Your Daughters” by Dina Oganova.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Georgia Office, together with the Embassy of Sweden organizes the Photo Exhibition “Tell Your Daughters” by Dina Oganova. The exhibition will open on June 10, 18:00 at Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art.

In the modern world, art is a powerful medium for communicating human rights-related issues and advocating for women’s and girls’ empowerment. With the photo exhibition - “Tell your Daughters” - we tell the stories of more than 20 women, their lives, choices, and the opportunities and challenges they have faced. By means of the power of visual art and documentary photography, we want to explain why bodily autonomy is important for women and girls and what their empowerment means for society.

Bodily autonomy is a cornerstone for achieving gender equality and universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights. Bodily autonomy for girls and women means they have the power and agency to exercise their choices about what happens to their bodies. In matters related to reproduction and sexuality, bodily autonomy means women and girls determine their lives and their future and have the information, services and means to do so free from discrimination, coercion and violence.

Yet women and girls - and indeed, all people - face constraints on their bodily autonomy. The consequences to their health, well-being and potential in life can be devastating. Intertwined with bodily autonomy is the right to bodily integrity, where people can live free from physical acts to which they do not consent.
Bodily autonomy and bodily integrity are violated when a husband prevents a woman from using contraception. They are violated when a person is forced to exchange unwanted sex for a home and food. They are violated when people with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities cannot walk down a street without fearing assault or humiliation. Bodily autonomy and integrity are violated when people with disabilities are stripped of their rights to self-determination, to be free from violence and to enjoy a safe and satisfying sexual life.

The project is initiated within the framework of the UN Joint Programme for Gender Equality funded by the Government of Sweden.

The Photo Exhibition is Supported by: Kolga Tbilisi Photo.

The Photo Exhibition will close on June 24th.

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