Ramaz Chantladze's solo art exhibition named - "The Woman"

Ramaz Chantladze's solo art exhibition named - "The Woman" perfectly represents the ancient knight of our small town.

In this exposition, we meet specific historical figures, his modern muses, and a feminine, tender, artistic figure - ballerina, but these characters appear to be conceptual ones. And this highlights the artist's innovative painting technique, dramatic color palette, that creates different colors in different compositions.

The drawings demonstrate the artist's poetical female world, which is melancholically drawn on the canvases. According to the painter Ramaz Chantladze, a woman is praised and concentrated with an artistic conditionality, which is essential for a genuine artist.

The artworks are reduced to superfluous details and ethnographic elements, which once again underlines women's attractive, charismatic and complicated world.

This exhibition is an exceptional gift for art gourmets.

  Prof. - Gia Khutsishvili