John Stanmeyer Consciousness – A Need to Awaken

John Stanmeyer

Consciousness – A Need to Awaken

Curator: Ana Davarashvili 


John Stanmeyer’s photo exhibition “Consciousness — A Need to Awaken” illuminates salient realities of humanity: climate change, environmental degradation, and socio-economic disparities across the globe in more than two decades of storytelling. The exhibition aims to highlight humankind's significant impact on Earth's systems, foster a deeper understanding of humanity's interconnectedness, and provoke contemplation on the Anthropocene epoch. 


John Stanmeyer is a National Geographic Explorer, award-winning photographer, filmmaker, artist, and educator dedicated to environmental, social, and cultural issues to raise global consciousness. John has worked with National Geographic magazine for twenty years, producing over 23 stories. For a decade, John was a contract photographer for Time magazine. In 2001, Stanmeyer co-founded the VII photo agency. He lives with two Great Danes, Elfriede and Eleanor, in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. 


A visual storytelling platform, Museograph presents the exhibition, which is supported by the US Embassy in Georgia.