The Second International Festival of Author’s Dolls “ArtDollTbilisi 2018”

On November2-4 in Tbilisi at the Museum of Modern Art at the address Rustaveli avenue N27 and at the Folklore State Center of Georgia, at the address: 68, David Agmashenebeli avenue the Second International Festival of Author’s Dolls “ArtDollTbilisi 2018” will be held . The society will be offered the authors works of the best masters of this art trend. 14 one of the most famous artists from any countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic and Russia, Ukraine,Azerbaijan) have been invited.

Official opening - on 2 November at 19.00 the Museum of Modern Art at the address Rustaveli Ave N27
Georgia will expose works of its 20 authors, inclusive artists with the world fame.

Authors doll is very popular worldwide. Workd of masters are kept at the wealthiest private collections, museums and galleries. Materials for making authors dolls vary from a simple papier-mâché to refined porcelain, but it doesn’t affect a process of the object. First of all the idea, embodiment of a plan and the idea as well as technical implementation of the work is valued.. At present constant expansion of the trend of the authors doll takes place that of interior, art-object. reborn, replica and others and lately conceptual doll is becoming popular.
It is namely the diversity of styles, images, technique of execution that the Society of Doll Masters of Georgia “GeoDoll”, which at the support of the Ministry of Culture , Mayor’s Hall of Georgia and Georgian National Tourism Administration.

Mayor’s Hall of Georgia is the organizer of this Festival has decided to show to the population of our town.